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NAME: Marion
AGE: 16
SERIES: Thousand Arms
LIKES: Her inventions, her 'assistants', toys, frogs, Meis.
DISLIKES: weirdos(i.e.: zombies, people causing trouble, anything out of the ordinary, etc.), people labeling her a weirdo, 'personal space' being invaded, certain glowy-eyed weirdos.
"Huh, Marion? She's pretty cute...but it seems like someone dropped her on her head one too many times."

Marion is one of the many Gadget Masters residing in Mounthand. Simply by looking at her, it's easy to tell she's very eccentric in terms of personality and apperance. Even though she may seem like the typical nutty inventor, don't underestimate her competence as a Gadget Master. She's turned the Mounthand's locomotive into a maze of traps and puzzles, repaired the Langoud's elemental engine with no sweat, and rebuilt the Mounthand in seemingly no time at all.

LINKS: thousand__arms; sodina in boyzby; thousand arms' page @ the ddd wiki

((rp journal for yousawnothing; played by sodine. I swear, I'll upload a better profile someday. ._.;))